Window Awnings

Awning blinds are a must in Australian’s hot climate. 

Automatic Awning Blinds are simple to use and cost effective awning designed to provide window shade and privacy, and to help keep your home cool during summer.

The awnings are manufactured using high quality gold zinc pacified steel componentry to provide long life span and protect against the elements, and are available in a wide range of traditional canvas designs, or mesh fabrics for a more modern look. 

Automatic awnings are ideally suited for ground floor or balcony windows and their small projection allows them to fit close to windows, taking up minimal space. 

Automatic awnings come standard with a hood box in a range of fashionable colours to match your home and to assist in protecting the fabric from the weather when not in use. 

The awnings retract easily with a simple adjustment by hand or using a pull stick to roll up under the hood box when not in use.  Create shade, privacy or let the sun stream in—the versatility makes these awnings one of the most popular choices for outdoor awnings.